In working with Kaitlin over the past few years, I’ve gained more than a voice teacher. Taking lessons with Kaitlin is a collaborative process; she is eager to learn from her students as much as we are to learn from her. She is truly passionate about her craft and takes care to stay up to date on new discoveries in vocal science. Even with all of her knowledge, with Kaitlin, you never feel behind. Kaitlin is accommodating and knows countless methods of explaining her philosophies in a way that is tailored for each individual student’s needs.

Most importantly, Kaitlin is a cheerleader for all, who takes the time to get to know each of her students personally. Through her efforts in organizing events like recitals, competitions, and group trips to NYC, Kaitlin has created a community of supportive and compassionate musicians. She has taught me that even after years of work, you can always learn something new.

Katie Nieto

High School Student

I have learned so much through Kaitlin, and have seen my self progress as a singer and a performer since taking lessons with her. She is constantly gathering new information and exercises, which is why I never plateau in my progress. I would 100% recommend lessons with Kaitlin for singers of all abilities.

Caroline Nieto

High School Student

I have seen my daughters grow so much as singers and performers since working with Kaitlin! She makes the most of every minute of lessons and knows just the right exercise or tweak to take their singing to a higher level. Kaitlin has a vast knowledge of music and never fails to recommend the perfect song for their voice and personality. She always takes the time to listen and get to know them. She goes above and beyond to find musical opportunities for her students and she has created a community within her studio by organizing group trips for students and families and hosting backyard recitals during the pandemic. For my girls, Kaitlin has been a teacher, confidant, motivator, cheerleader and role model.

Kristin Nieto


We can't say enough about Kaitlin Dalakian's Vocal Studio. Our daughter began lessons at the young age of 7 and Kaitlin has not only been an incredible teacher but caters to her age and learning style. During the pandemic the lessons were really what kept the "beat going." Kaitlin did not skip a beat and we have seen tremendous growth in our daughter's singing and ability to follow music. What makes the studio stand out above most is that each lesson is taught in such a personal manner. We can hear our daughter laughing, asking questions, and of course, singing beautifully. In her now 8 year old words "Kaitlin's warm ups are my favorite part, they are fun and get my voice ready." Highly recommend KDVS for her teaching abilities as well as professionalism.

Annika Levitt


When I retired as a teacher after thirty-seven years, number one on my bucket list was to take voice lessons. Though I have sung in high school chorus and my congregational choir, my dream was to take music to the next level. I was beyond fortunate to have found Kaitlin Dalakian ten years ago. In those ten years, I have learned so very much, not just technique, but the sheer joy of music. From Broadway, pop, folk, rock, spiritual, and even a stab at light opera, Kaitlin has guided me through all of the beauty and nuances of each genre. Our lessons have become such an important part of my week, and hope they continue for many more years. Thank you, Kaitlin, for sharing your unique gift of music with me, and enriching my life.

Jackie Burge

Adult Student

I have been studying voice with Kaitlin Dalakian for over seven years and I couldn’t be happier! As one of her adult students who has worked with other teachers, I can honestly say: “One moment in her presence, and you can forget the rest!” She has a warm, engaging personality and knows how to connect with each of her students. Kaitlin utilizes special vocal warmups during our lesson that get my voice “tuned up” before we work on a piece of music. As an active member of NATS, Kaitlin stays on top of the latest techniques for vocal coaching, and her methods have made a huge difference in my breathing, vocal quality, and confidence!


Kaitlin also shares information about area concerts and Broadway shows and has organized trips to NYC to see Once on This Island, Oklahoma!, and Hadestown, amongst others. Kaitlin is a delightful and most talented musician who has made a positive contribution to my life and love of music. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Linda Kay

Adult Student

Well where should I begin...it all started years ago at Brooklawn Middle School when I first met Kaitlin. The students were performing the musical Beauty and the Beast and several of them were taking lessons from her.  Word got out fast on how good she was and how much they improved for the musical in such a short time. This is when I started taking lessons with her for the first time. After a couple of weeks of lessons, Kaitlin told me that Plays in the Park was doing My Fair Lady in 2012  and I should try out for the musical.  I  said, “OK,  I’ll give it a shot,” but never expected to get a part. And yea, I did!  

After the musical I took some time off for other things, then in 2018 I ran into Kaitlin again at a musical production at PHHS. I started taking lessons again with her, but I was just a basket-case of nerves. Since then, she has helped me immensely to relax and show me how to use my voice correctly. I would never be at this point without her help, she teaches both breathing, correct vocal use, everything to do with your voice and with all the vocal exercises she goes over, you are bound to improve more than you ever thought possible! I highly recommend her for any type of musical vocal training, beginners to experienced professionals!

Mike Kertesz

Adult Student

Kaitlin has been my vocal teacher for the past 3 years. Her guidance, support, and training has made me the singer I am today. She teaches her students all aspects of singing including vocal health, proper breathing and posture, and building confidence. She treats her students as her own, and takes the time to get to know them on a personal level. I've been able to apply many of Kaitlin's lessons to my daily life. My alto and soprano voice has improved tremendously, and I can't thank her enough for all she has done for me!

Melanie Sheehan

Middle School Student